Microhard P900 Radio
Holybro P900 Radio integrates microhard Pico Series P900 RF module which is capable of delivering high-performance wireless serial communications in robust and secure Mesh, Point to Point or Point to Multipoint topologies.
P900 Radio operate within the 902-928 MHz ISM frequency band, using frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, providing reliable wireless asynchronous data transfer between most equipment types which employ a serial interface.
P900 Radio may be configured as a Primary Coordinator, Secondary Coordinator, Standby Coordinator or Remote in a Mesh Topology, or a Master, Repeater or Remote in a PP or PMP Topology. This versatility is very convenient for the user.
P900 Radio is configured using AT commands through the Data port or using PicoConfig application through the Diagnostic Port.


  • USB Type-C port, integrated USB to UART converter
  • 6-position JST-GH connector, can be directly connected to the TELEM port on various flight controller such as the pixhawk 4
  • High voltage BEC onboard, Support DC7~35V voltage supply
  • UART transmission LED indicator
  • Three-stage RSSI LED indicator
  • Transmission within a public, license-exempt band of the radio spectrum
  • Transparent, low latency link rates up to 276 kbps
  • Supports a robust true Mesh operation with auto-routing
  • 32 bits of CRC, selectable retransmission and forward error correction
  • Separate diagnostics port, transparent remote diagnostics and online network control
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