Digital Power Module (PM) Setup

Pixhawk 5X & 6X uses l2C digital protocol power sensing, so you will need to a digital power module. Digital power module will have a "D" at the end, such as PM02D.

PX4 Setup

In master FW or 1.15 Stable, PX4 will auto detect the version below so you would not need to manually set this.

Low voltage (6S) Digital Power Module

  • Enable Parameter SENS_EN_INA226 (this is enabled by default)

High Voltage (12S/14S) Digital Power Module:

  • Enable Parameter SENS_EN_INA228

Ardupilot Setup

High voltage version (12/14S) are only support in Ardupilot 4.4 & later. These parameter below should be set by default.


  • BATT_I2C_BUS = 1


    • = 0 Auto detect (Default in Ardupilot 4.4 & later)

    • = 65 (For Low voltage (6S) Digital Power Module)

    • = 69 (For High Voltage (12S/14S) Digital Power Module)

In Ardupilot 4.4 and later, the BATT_I2C_ADDR for Pixhawk 6X is default to be 0. This will perform a auto detection of I2C address, therefore you do not need to change BATT_I2C_ADDR

This is the standard power module for Pixhawk 5X & 6X. It has XT60 pre-soldered and a low profile design, available in High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage version (LV).

This PM is designed for multi-rotor like the X500 V2. It has both XT-30 & XT-60 connectors preinstalled for motor ESCs and Battery, as well as two 5V BEC and a selectable 8V/12V output different kinds of peripheral devices, compatible for Pixhawk 5X and 6X.

PM06D provides regulated power supply for your Pixhawk® 5X & 6X from the battery, as well as current consumption and battery voltage measurements, all through a 6pin cable. It has built-in power distribution, allowing you power your ESC and FC with the same board.


This Power Module has two 5.2V power output port with independent circuits, BEC IC and circuitry that can provide redundant power to the flight controller.

  • Support 2S - 14S Battery

  • 200A Cont. Current Rating

  • Aluminum Case for Heat dissipation

Using Pixhawk 5X/6X with Analog Power Module

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