Digital Power Module (PM) Setup

Pixhawk 5X & 6X uses l2C digital protocol power sensing, so you will need to a digital power module. Digital power module will have a "D" at the end, such as PM02D.

PX4 Setup

Low voltage (6S) Digital Power Module
  • Enable Parameter SENS_EN_INA226 (this is enabled by default)
High Voltage (12S/14S) Digital Power Module:
  • Enable Parameter SENS_EN_INA228

Ardupilot Setup

  • BATT_I2C_BUS = 1
    • = 65 (For Low voltage (6S) Digital Power Module)
    • = 69 (For High Voltage (12S/14S) Digital Power Module)
In Ardupilot 4.4 and later, the BATT_I2C_ADDR for Pixhawk 6X is default to be 0. This will perform a auto detection of I2C address, therefore you do not need to change BATT_I2C_ADDR


This is the standard power module for Pixhawk 5X & 6X. It has XT60 pre-soldered and a low profile design, available in High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage version (LV).


This PM is designed for multi-rotor like the X500 V2. It has both XT-30 & XT-60 connectors preinstalled for motor ESCs and Battery, as well as two 5V BEC and a selectable 8V/12V output different kinds of peripheral devices, compatible for Pixhawk 5X and 6X.


PM06D provides regulated power supply for your Pixhawk® 5X & 6X from the battery, as well as current consumption and battery voltage measurements, all through a 6pin cable. It has built-in power distribution, allowing you power your ESC and FC with the same board.

Using Pixhawk 5X/6X with Analog Power Module