Using Analog PM with Pixhawk 5X/6X

Pixhawk 5X/6X uses digital power module (such as PM02D, D stands for digital), if you would like to use it with an Analog Power Module, see below.


If you are have to use analog power module with Pixhawk 5X or 6X. With PX4 & QGC, you can use an ADS1115 board and wire it like this diagram and set the following parameters:

These parameters are available in PX4 v1.14 with Github PR, or you can build an FW with these board config changes.

  • ADC_ADS1115_EN = 1

  • Save & Reboot

  • BAT1_A_PER_V = 36

  • BAT1_I_CHANNEL = 1

  • BAT1_V_CHANNEL = 0

  • BAT1_V_DIV = 18.18

Sample wiring diagram

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