Point-to-Multipoint Setup with XBee Radio

Holybro XBP9X Radio Point-to-Multipoint setup:

  1. Use the XCTU configuration software to set the CM, HP, ID, MT, BR of all XBP9X Radios to the same value.

  1. Select one of the XBP9X Radios as the Master, and the rest of the XBP9X Radios as the Remote. Change Master's CE to Indirect Msg Coordinator[1]; DH to 0, DL to FFFF. Make the Master in the broadcast state and act as a coordinator (Coordinator). At the same time, record the master's SH and SL values somewhere.

  1. Change the DH value of all Remote Radio to the SH value of Master and change all Remote Radio's DL value to Master's SL value.

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