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Stanard (JST GHR1.25mm 10
pin cable):
This JST GH 10Pin connector can be use d on Pixhawk Series 10pin“GPS Module” or "GPS1" input port.
Secondary (JST GHR1.25m m 6pin cable)
This JST GH 6Pin connector can be used on Pixhawk Series 6pin“UART & I2C”or " GPS2" input port as secondary GPS.
For Pix32/Pixhawk1/2.4.6/2.4.8 (Molex1.25mm 6pin & 4pin &3pin cable):
These Molex connectors are for Pix32 "Switch", "GPS", and "I2C" input ports.
Note: Pinout is the same for M9N GPS Module
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