The Holybro UM982 Dual Antenna RTK GPS provides high-precision positioning information and is capable of generating non-magnetometer moving baseline yaw determinations for autopilots.

One of the best applications of this GPS is to provide compass-less YAW information to the autopilot (commonly called GPS Heading or Moving Baseline Yaw). Using this GPS as a yaw source prevents magnetic interference from the vehicle motors and electrical systems and any environmental interference sources, such as metallic structures or equipment, that can cause incorrect yaw reports to the autopilot. This works even if the GPSs are not receiving RTCM data from a fixed RTK station or NTRIP server.

The device is based on the Unicore UM982 NMEA GNSS module and supports RTK positioning adjustment for centimeter-level accuracy, GPS/GLONASS,Beidou, Galileo, and QZSS global positioning systems.

It also includes a magnetometer, LED, and safety switch button. It also serves as an RTK-corrected vehicle GPS, with or without moving baseline yaw determination, and as a base station GPS for sending RTCM data to a ground control station to provide an RTK source for the vehicle via telemetry.


  • Dual antennas allow Moving Baseline Yaw (GPS Heading) with just one module

  • Can replace the traditional compass/magnetometer

  • Perfect for system/environment with high magnetic interference

  • Excellent RTK performance

Note: It is recommended to use the H-RTK F9P-Base or F9P Helical as your base station because it's simple setup procedure in Mission Planner & QGroundControl. Neither MP nor QGC can configure the UM982 automatically as base station at this moment, additional manual setup is required.

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