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When the satellite search is not good, you can check the power supply and the signal quality of the antenna on the OverView page.

Generally speaking, Main RF power and Aux1 RF power should be ≧ 9. If it is less than 9, check the RF connection cable and module power supply. Ensure that the antenna current consumption is <150mA.

The main antenna (Main signals) and the slave antenna (Aux1 Signals) should be ≧7.

Choosing Specific Satellite System

Users can choose specific satellite systems based on their location. Click Corrections->Corrections OutPut

Click the RTCM Messages edit icon

Select the desired satellite system and click OK.

Record satellite search data to SD card

Mosaic GPS supports SD card recording of star search logs. Before using the data logging function, you need to set up the module and select which messages need to be recorded. Click logging to enter the log settings page

Depending on the type of information required, click New NMEA stream or New SBF stream (taking SBF as an example), and click OK after selecting

File Name Enter the file name of the recording file (you can also use the default name " log " ), and then click on in the Enable Logging column to start logging.

After the NMEA/SBF logging Stream is set up, you can also use the LOG BUTTON to start/end recording.

After setting up, you can see the log LED on the GPS flashing, indicating that the log is being recorded. At this time, short press the log button (within 5 seconds) to pause logging, and short press again to resume logging.

Before the GPS is powered off, it is recommended to press and hold the log button (more than 5 seconds) to end the log recording, and then power off again. Avoid possible log corruption.

PPK application

Mosaic-H supports PPK applications, please refer to the documentation for details: PP-SDK: high accuracy with GPS post-processing | Septentrio

Configuring modules via RxTools

mosaic-H GPS/GNSS receiver module with heading comes with fully documented interfaces, commands and data messages. The included GNSS receiver control and analysis software RxTools allows receiver configuration, monitoring as well as data logging and analysis. For detailed usage steps, please refer to the document.

Please see this link for the latest software or download the RX Tools v23.0.1 below

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