Ports & Buttons

Power Port (4-position JST-GH)

The input Voltage range is 7-35 VDC. The Radio must be powered by this Power Port. Please connect to a power supply when in use and during configuration.

Config Button

Holding this button while powering-up the radio will boot the unit into COMMAND mode: the default serial interface will be active and temporarily set to operate at its default serial settings of 9600/8/N/1.


USB Type-C Port with internal USB to Serial Converter. Holybro Microhard Radio’s USB port provides access to the Serial data Port. That means you can connect Holybro Microhard Radio to your ground station via USB port directly. USB VBus only power the USB to Serial chip, and does not power the Radio.

The USB port of Holybro Microhard Radio is different from MicroHard Enclosed Option, where the USB port provides access to the Diagnostic Port.

Data Port (6-position JST-GH)

This data Port is used to connect to the telemetry port of your flight controller. When USB Type-C port isn't connected, this port will transfer serial data automatically. When USB Type-C is plugged in, this connector is floating. Data Port does not power the Radio.

Diagnostic Port (4-position JST SH )

This connector connects to the Diagnostic Port. If you use PicoConfig application or special diagnostic commands to config the Radio, you should connect to this port. Diagnostic Port is 3.3V logic level compatibility. A USB to Serial board is needed for connecting the radio to your computer. UART to USB Converter

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