LED and Connection

LEDs Indicators Status

The radios have 2 status LEDs, one red and one green.

  • Green LED blinking - searching for another radio

  • Green LED solid - link is established with another radio

  • Red LED flashing - transmitting data

  • Red LED solid - in firmware update mode

Connecting to Pixhawk Standard Flight Controller

Use the 6 pin JST-GH connector that come with the radio to connect the radio to your flight controller's “Telem 1” (“Telem 2” can also be used but the default recommendation is “Telem1”).

Connecting to a PC or Ground Station

Connecting the radio to your Windows PC or Ground Station is as simple as connecting the micro/type-C USB cable (both included with the radio) to your PC/Ground Station.

The necessary drivers should be installed automatically and the radio will appear as a new “USB Serial Port” in the Windows Device Manager under Ports (COM & LPT). The Mission Planner’s COM Port selection drop-down should also contain the same new COM port.

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