AM32 ESC - Reverse Motor Direction Instruction

  • Enter in the browser URL to enter the am32 configuration interface.

  • Connect the flight control to the computer. In the AM32 configuration interface, select the port and baud rate. The baud rate defaults to 115200

  • Connect the flight control to the ESC. Powers the flight control and ESC with a battery. Then click Connect in the AM32 configuration interface. If the connection is successful, it will display the ESC channel and read the settings.

  • Click read, and it will automatically jump to the parameter setting interface. If you are using 4in1 ESC, you can see 1bootloader, 2bootloader, 3bootloader, 4bootloader in this interface. They correspond to motor channels 1234 respectively.

"If ESC did not respond!" is shown, that means the channel is not recognized.

  • Check theReversed box to reverse the motor direction. Click Save to exit, and then check whether the motor is reversed successfully using the motor test page in Betaflight.

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