Point-to-Multipoint Setup with Microhard Radio

Sample Wiring Diagram

Note that the above Diagram shows RTK connection, but the telemetry connections apply to normal GPS as well.

Point to Multipoint Connection Using Microhard Radio

Telemetry Radio Setup

First, Select one of the Radios as the Master, and the other Radios as the Remote. Use the Pico configurator to set the Master to PMP Master mode, and change the baud rate to 57600. As shown in the figure below:

  1. Select PMP Master

  2. Click Default Unit

  3. Select 57600 baud rate

  4. Click PGM/Save.

Then, set all the Remote Radios to PMP Remote mode, and change the baud rate to 57600. As shown below:

  1. Select PMP Remote

  2. Click Default Unit

  3. Confirm that the Network Address is consistent with the Master

  4. Set a unique Unit Address different for each Remote Radio.

  5. Select 57600 baud rate

  6. Click PGM/Save.

Flight Controller Settings

Connect the flight controller via USB and set an ID for each flight controller that is different from other flight controllers.

For PX4 firmware, the MAV_SYS_ID parameter should be set

For Ardupilot firmware, the SYSID_THISMAV parameter should be set

Use the Master Radio to connect to the ground station (QGC/MissionPlanner), and the Remote Radio to connect to the flight controllers. If using RTK system, wait for the Base Survey-in to distribute the RTCM data of a Base to multiple Rover after powering on.

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