Overview & Spec

Holybro RemoteID Module is low cost, small size, and light weight module that broadcast information about UAVs in flight through WIFI & Bluetooth. It supports both CAN and serial protocols. It is a FCC & CE approved radio module.

The products run open-source firmware (ArduRemoteID) and provides a so-called standard Remote ID solution, primarily target drone manufacturers & system integrators.

This products is design for Standard Remote ID Solution, primarily target drone manufacturers & system integrators, as you need do you own approval process at the FAA (DoC submission) if you are in the USA. For accurate information related to this topic, please refer to the your country's official administration website .


  • Radio module:

    • Espressif ESP-C3 module

    • Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4GHz (ERP): + 20 dBm (100 mW)

    • FCC & CE certified radio module

  • Firmware:

  • Protocol: CAN & Serial

  • Interface:

    • 1x JST GH 4-pin CAN (CAN) port

    • 1x JST GH 6-pin TELEM (UART) port

  • Antenna Connector type:

    • On CNC Case: SMA connector

    • On PCB: IPEX Connector

  • Range: > 5km detection range*

  • Power: 5V supplied from TELEM or CAN port

  • LED lights: Bright RGB status LED

  • Size:

    • Without case: 35.3 x 23.5 mm (not including antenna)

    • With CNC case: 38 x 26.5 x 11.5 mm (not including antenna)

  • Mount: M2 screws

  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

  • Weight:

    • PCB only: 4 g

    • With CNC case & Antenna: 27.5g

  • Certification: FCC & CE

* The detection range depends on many factors such as the receiver antenna gain, transmission protocol, weather conditions, flying height, receiver height line of sight etc. With professional receivers a range of 5 km and more is possible.

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