DroneCAN FW Upgrade

For U-blox Firmware Upgrade, please see here.

DroneCAN MCU Firmware Upgrade

Please use Mission Planner 1.3.74 or higher. Close the parameter setting page, click “Menu>Update” to check available updates. Update the DroneCAN MCU firmware. After clicking “Update”, it will ask whether to search for updates from the Internet. Click “Yes”. (Automatically searches for upgrades to the latest stable version firmware).

If “No update available” appears when searching updates. You can try to turn off your firewall in the system setting and try again.

Alternatively, If you have already downloaded the firmware on your local computer from ArduPilot Firmware (name of firmware folder is “HolybroG4-GPS” , and file to download is “AP_Periph.bin”) , Click “No” and you will be presented with a selection dialog box and then select the firmware file from your local drive.

After the upgrade, check whether the version is successfully upgraded.

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