u-blox F9P Firmware Upgrade

For DroneCAN Firmware upgrade, please see here.

U-blox F9P Chip Firmware Update

This step is optional but recommend for the optimum performance of your new Holybro GPS products. To update the u-blox firmware on your RTK units, you will need to download and use the free u-Center software.

To download u-Center, please go to u-blox's official website then follow the prompts to install the U-Center software onto your computer. During installation, you will be prompted to install a windows driver. On newer u-center, select "Use Windows USB Serial Driver". On the older version it will ask which driver you want to install, make sure ‘Standard Driver for Windows’ is checked.

Download the u-blox chip firmware from u-blox F9P website. (The latest firmware for u-blox F9P chip is v1.13.2 at the time of this guide).

Scroll down to firmware update and download the latest firmware: (ex. UBX_F9_100_HPG132.df73486d99374142f3aabf79b7178f48.bin)

Updating the Firmware

F9P Helical

When upgrading the F9P Helical module, just connect the module to the USB port of the computer via a USB-TYPE-C cable, as shown in the figure below:

F9P Rover

UART Version: To connect the Rover module (UART) to your computer, you need to connect the module to a USB-UART board, and the board is then connected to the computer. As shown in the figure below:

DroneCAN Version: For Ardupilot, you can follow the direction here:

Another way to connect the DroneCAN-F9P Rover to you computer is to open the case, and use a special USB adapter cable to connect the Rover module to the computer's USB port.


Open the U-center software, click the connect button (in the red circle in the figure below), and select the corresponding port.

Click tools-> Firmware Update, Firmware image to select the previously downloaded firmware: UBX_F9_100_HPG132.df73486d99374142f3aabf79b7178f48.bin, and then check the corresponding options in the figure below:

Click the GO button and wait for the firmware flashing to complete. Flashing generally only takes less than a minute. If the burning is successful, the upgrade interface will be displayed in green; if the upgrade is terminated, the interface will be displayed in red. If the programming process is interrupted, or if the time does not respond, it needs to be powered on again, and flash once according to the instruction.

Checking the current Firmware Version on the Module

With the Ground station/mobile station connected to U-center, click the view option, and enter View -> UBX-> MON -> VER.

As you can see from the arrow in the figure above, the firmware has been upgraded to 1.3.2.

Resetting U-Center Config

If you run into issue after some U-Center Configuration, you can always reset the config via the following command.

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