Supported Firmware

Pix32 v6 ships with PX4 FMUv6C Firmware.

It shares the same Firmware Target as the Pixhawk 6C

Pix32v6 is supported on PX4 1.13.1 release and later. Pix32 v6 (with SN number higher than XXXX XXX 20221112) requires 1.13.2 Stable or later.

Pix32 v6 is supported in Ardupilot 4.2.3 stable release and later. It uses the "Pixhawk 6C" Firmware Target. Firmware can be flash via Mission Planner or QGroundControl. It can also be downloaded here:

Must use QGC v4.2.4 or later, or Daily QGC Build.

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