Multiple Point to Point Setup with Sik Radio

Telemetry Radio Setup

You can use multiple Point to Point telemetry modules with the Holybro SiK Telemetry Radio V3.

Sample Wiring Diagram

Note that the above Diagram shows RTK connection, but the telemetry connections apply to normal GPS as well.

Flight Controller setup

Mission Planner Configuration

Telemetry Radio V3 configuration:

Set a different Net ID for each pair of Telemetry Radio V3, as shown below

Connect all telemetry modules to the computer via USB hub.

Open Mission Planner to locate the base then connect it with flight controllers. Select AUTO connecting as shown below. All recognized flight controllers on the ports will be connected.

You may select the UAV form the dropdown list below:

QGC Ground station configuration:

  1. Connect the flight controller via USB and set an ID for each flight controller that is different from other flight controllers.

  1. Turn off auto connect in QGC

  1. Add manual connection

  1. Connect all UAV one by one.

  1. After the connection is complete, You may select the UAV form the dropdown list below:

Some Tips:

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