INAV VTX+ & Bluetooth Setup

Holybro Kakute H7 V2 PINIO Setup for INAV 5.1 This manual applies to INAV 5.1, Holybro Kakute H7 V2 and covers the topic of PINIO functionality setup so that following goals are achieved:

  1. Built in Bluetooth is active when INAV is NOT armed

  2. Built in Bluetooth is disabled when INAV is armed

  3. VTX is always enabled or activated on a switch

Arming and Bluetooth setup

In this scenario, arming is assigned to Channel 5. USER1 mode, which drives the Bluetooth module is assigned to the same channel. When INAV is armed, USER1 is enabled as well and disables Bluetooth

For INAV 5.1

VTX+ is Default OFF

To set VTX+ pad to be always powered, configured USER2 Mode to be always enabled like below.

VTX+ on a switch

In this scenario, VTX+ is ON only when Channel 6 is in HIGH position.

For INAV 6.0 and later

VTX+ is Default ON, to set VTX+ to turn OFF via switch, assign a channel to turn off VTX. In this scenario, VTX is OFF only when Channel 6 is in HIGH position.

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